Over the years my customers have posted ratings and reviews of GalvanicMac on my company profile on the Apple Consultants Network’s Consultant Locator page. In fact, that page may be what led you to this web site. Here are a sampling of some of the nice things some GalvanicMac customers have said over the years:

“We’ve relied on GalvanicMac for a number of years.”

“We had the good fortune of first acquiring the services of GalvanicMac at least five years ago. Since then, we've relied on his expertise to not only trouble shoot issues as they arise, but to completely configure our home's wireless system. Dependable as the day is long, responsive and available when called upon...and always a delight to work with. We've referred him to our other Mac friends and will do so again whenever the opportunity arises. Can't recommend him more highly.”
—Paul C., Moraga, CA

“Michael is a lifesaver!”

“With deadlines looming and our network in shambles, Michael responded immediately to our systems crisis. Without his help, we would have been unable to fulfill our obligations to our clients. That result would have been unacceptable on every possible level. We 1) contacted him in the morning, 2) he came to our rescue that same day, 3) he resolved our issues with precision and expertise, and 4) we could not be more appreciative. If you have need of his technical services with any of your Apple products and you make the call, you will not be disappointed.”
—So Fine Event Design, SF East Bay

“Like Mr. Rogers, Only Different.”

“Imagine some childhood friend: Capt. Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers, what the heck, Superman. Only he doesn't wear a cardigan or a goofy uniform, has a soul patch and is a drummer in a rock-n-roll band in his free time. But none of that is really relevant. What matters is Mike is a helluva nice guy, understands Macs, and birddogs the issue till it's solved. And charges fairly. I'm a busy multi-media professional: producing videos and shooting hundreds of massive RAW stills at a time for clients. I had pretty much crammed a 1TB main drive on my iMac full of digital content; much of it irreplaceable, hardly any of it backed up (I know what you're thinking: idiot! Yeah, me too.) then the drive crashed. I called Mike; he didn't judge. Just took in the information, and proceeded to save me from an incredibly expensive enterprise-level data recovery; got 34,000 images back from oblivion. My Hero. Could be yours too. Call him. Nice guy; probably won't be wearing a cape when he shows up. But could probably get away with it. And while you're at it, if you too are living on the edge of digital denial, ask him about DROBO backup systems. He can help with that too.”
—Scott Hildula, Red Umbrella Group, SF East Bay