Get ready to take control of your technology.


GalvanicMac Consulting provides macOS & iOS consulting in the San Francisco East Bay, helping small businesses, small office/home office and consumers with technology solutions.


GalvanicMac’s Primary
Areas of Focus:

  • Onsite support for macOS and iOS and remote support for MacOS

  • Switching from Windows to Mac or iPad? GalvanicMac provides data transfer (mail, photos, music, etc.) and coaching to smooth the transition

  • Setup up of local and cloud backup systems and coaching and training in good security practices including password management

  • Training, coaching, workflow design and pre-purchase consulting for iOS, macOS, and printers for SOHO and small business—call GalvanicMac BEFORE you buy!

  • Robust WiFi design and installation (specializing in multi-node and mesh WiFi networks)

  • Pro-active, continuous and preventative support


Michael Tyler’s Certifications:

  • Mac Integration Basics v10.13

  • Apple Certified Support Professional v10.11

  • iOS Deployment Essentials for iOS 11

  • Apple Certified Support Professional v10.9

  • Apple Certified Support Professional v10.6

  • Apple Certified Support Professional v10.5

  • Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist v10.4

  • Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist v10.3

  • Certified Wireless Technology Specialist


Why “Galvanic”?

Many of GalvanicMac's clients are creative individuals who see their Macintosh computers as tools to help them impact people's emotions, behavior and thought, whether it's through words, graphic design or film and video. GalvanicMac was created out of another company, Galvanic Pictures, a digital video production and editing company, in which the vision was to "galvanize" viewers’ notions and responses through digital video.

gal•van'ic, adj. 1. of, caused by, or producing a direct current of electricity 
<a galvanic cell> 2 a. having an electric effect : intensely exciting <a galvanic performance> 
b. produced as if by an electric shock <had a galvanic effect on the audience>